As all individual reviewers rating systems mine is based on my thoughts of the book and how much I enjoyed it. However, I also think about how well a book is written, people I believe would like it, and the fact that it may have just not been the book for me when I review as well.


- I will give a well written book 4 stars even if it's on a 3 to 3.5 star scale on how well I enjoyed it because I believe that not all books are for everyone. Someone else might love it and I appreciate well written books. Just because there were things as far as the plot or characters I didn't like doesn't mean it's not well written or that someone else wouldn't enjoy it. 


- I don't do 2.5 or 1.5 star reviews because for me a rating of 2 or 1 means I most likely didn't enjoy anything about the book. 



5 stars - I very rarely give a 5 star reviews. A 5 star review from me means that I completely fell in love with the book, characters, writing, author, plot, and ect. It has to be a book I'll come back to at a later date just because I need a reread and a book that I think about for days, weeks, and months afterwards. Those are the only books I'll give a 5 star review for. 


4.5 stars - I give 4.5 star reviews to books I loved, would highly recommend, but that I had minor issues with. I give it for books that I had issues with the plot, characters, and/ or writing but that were only small things that didn't keep me from really liking the book itself. These are books I would reread, of course.


4 stars - I give 4 star reviews for the same reason I give 4.5 star reviews. These are still books I loved, would still reread, and would recommend to people I know would love them as well but had minor issues I was more annoyed with than I would be if I were giving it a 4.5 star review. Mainly I give 4 star reviews if something in the writing, characters, and/ or plot fell short for me. The book can still capture my attention and keep me wanting to not stop reading but at the same time have issues that bothered me. 


3.5 stars - I give 3.5 star reviews for books that I liked but didn't meet all of my expectations. I would still recommend these books to people I know would probably love them but I myself wouldn't reread the book. If I give a book 3.5 stars it means there were a lot of parts in the book I may not have enjoyed or there were things about it that kept me from getting as into it as I usually am with books. The story just may have not been for me. 


3 stars - I give 3 star reviews for books that I read, liked parts of, but couldn't really get into. I would still recommend this book to someone I think would love it but I wouldn't reread it.


2 stars - I give 2 star reviews for books that either were written poorly or that I couldn't get into at all. If it's a book I couldn't get into then it's still a book I would recommend to someone I think would like it more than I did but if it's a book I believe was written poorly then I'll state so. 


1 star - I give 1 star reviews to books I couldn't finish. Just like how I rarely give 5 star reviews the only time you'll see a 1 star review is for a book I couldn't finish. I can't really rate something that I disliked enough to DNF it. Thus this is my last resort rating for situations like that.