So my name is Melissa, nickname is Momo, and I'm absolutely terrible at About Me things but I felt that I needed one. I'm 21 and currently working and not in school because of personal issues. However, I have reapplied to a college that I was accepted into my senior year for Fall 2015 so here's to hoping I get back in! If I do I'll be going to school to get my BFA in Writing and after that I plan to get my MLIS which I recently found out that the school I'll be going to offers. So yeah I have big passion for writing and books and while I know I want to, someday, get my writing published I also want to be a librarian. 


While I've always been big on reading and the idea of reviewing intrigued me I could never find the time to actually go for it until recently. I've always been keen to share my thoughts on books with friends and family that have no clue what I'm talking about so I figured it was time I write it down for people who could actually be interested in what I have to say.


Besides reading and writing I have several odd music obsessions and am quite the tv show (anime included) enthusiast. I guess anything with a bit of storyline cracks my interest! I also have a love for cats, hedgehogs, rabbits, and just animals in general. I also work in a Starbucks which is quite interesting because you meet a lot of people. (I've met a publisher and someone who works for NASA. The publisher my coworkers bragged to about my reading and was shocked when I told him how many books I'd read this past year. Gotta admit it felt pretty awesome to shock a publisher! At the same time I was unbelievably nervous and could barely talk to the guy.)


Anyway! I can't really think of any more little facts about me so... If you want to know anything else just ask! Hopefully some of you lovelies read my reviews and comment on them. I'm new to this at the moment so I'm not all that great but I'll get better.